Our Goals

Denver’s thriving arts scene is overflowing with talent and innovation. Our goal is to provide more outlets every year so that more art can be created and experienced. We want all artists to have a way to test their work, try new things, push the boundaries. And we want to channel that work into performance venues at accessible prices so that the live performance is available to as many people as possible. 

At the Denver Fringe Festival, we believe that the power of performance art can’t be overstated. We believe that it is a key component to inspiring thought-provoking conversations and building thriving communities. It opens our eyes to new ways of looking at things and gives us a shared experience like no other. 

What does the future of the Denver Fringe look like? Picture a weeks-long festival with live performance taking place at dozens of creative spaces, with fringe theater, comedy shows, dance, cabaret, and circus happening at any hour of the day or night. Our vision is an annual performing arts festival so inclusive and expansive that we can’t imagine summer in Denver without it.