How to Fringe

Ever eaten at a tapas restaurant? So many choices, so many things you’ve never experienced before … so much potential! The Denver Fringe is like that. A variety of choices, each more interesting than the next. What to do?

Unleash your curiosity and dive in! Like a tapas dish you’ve never tried before, you may discover something you love more than you ever expected. You may find it’s good, but not the best thing you’ve ever tasted. Either way, you undoubtedly want to try something else on the menu. It’s addictive, right? Same with the Denver Fringe Festival—it’s varied, innovative, unconventional, always new and there’s something for everyone! 


The first thing to do is to purchase your Denver Fringe Festival button. It’s a one-of-a-kind, soon-to-be-collectible souvenir inspired by our 2021 Denver Fringe poster designed by local artist Johnny Draco. It gives you access to “Fringe with Benefits” specials at an array of places to eat and drink before and after the shows. 

2021 Denver Fringe Button | $5.00


Starting in May, you can browse our lineup of shows and “heart” a few favorites, then buy tickets and make plans with a friend for a four-day fringe extravaganza! You can watch livestreaming shows online or at one of our venues. We think the best way to “fringe” is to binge! If you’re going to see shows in person, get tickets to a few shows and make an evening out of it. Our venues are all within a square mile and in between you can enjoy your “Fringe With Benefits” specials at all the great places to eat and drink in the area. You can also check out RiNo’s prolific street art and visit some local art galleries