A sexier, more violent Waiting for Godot investigating the human drive to communicate and the inherent incompleteness of language.

  • Adults
  • Original Theater
  • Physical Theater

A sister helps her brother overcome his past trauma in this original musical.

  • Musical Theatre
  • Original Theater

The best comedy from Westish, Denver's own satire publication.

  • Adults Only

Stand-Up Comedy for those with only a little shame.

  • Adults Only

Sammy Anzer hosts a lineup of comics from Denver's thriving comedy scene in an informal format like they're chilling in a basement together.

  • Adults Only

Denver comedians and friends coming together to keep you laughing.

  • Adults Only

A fun half hour variety show with Colorado comic and L.A. girl Janae Burris.

  • Adults Only

Colorado performers and musicians united to create 13 amazing acts in this circus showcase.

  • Aerial
  • Circus Arts
  • Dance
  • Magic

Help James, your modern-day hopeless romantic, make decisions and choices as he goes on a date in this post-crisis world.

  • Large Audience
  • One-Person Show
  • Original Theater


We at the Denver Fringe Festival believe all artists should have a way to test their work, try new things, push the boundaries. And we want to channel that work into performance venues at accessible prices so that the live performance is available to as many people as possible. Our vision is an annual performing arts festival so inclusive and expansive that we can’t imagine summer in Denver without it.

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